About us

ALBAT spol. s r.o. is a Slovak producer and trading company with activities in backup power systems and in alterantive sources of backup power.


Company ALBAT spol. s r.o. established 1993, but any experiences for successful start since 1988. Company director, Mr. Alija Dozič, dipl. Ing., electrochemist is come from former Yugoslavia, he worked in Srebrenica, in the factory for industrial battery. The main view of company at that time was successful business with industrial accumulator batteries The Company had very important position at Slovak market within very short time. Traction and stationary batteries belong to general dominant for company at that time. Gradually we have grown to the markets of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and Hungary. In the order to reach very prime position meeting customers’ requirements and expectations, adapted to developing Technologies as well, we started to expand our sphere of activity for backup power systems. In 2005 was established partner company ALBAT doo Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is still developing very successfully in the area of backup resources. To preserve competitive not just for Slovak market, we started to cooperate with renowned company from Germany, Alpha Technologies, the part of worldwide company chain AlphaGroup from Canada. According to practical experiences and knowledge is company ALBAT spol. s r.o. fulfil to propose revolutionary backup power system, called Integrated backup power system. We also realise and setting up lectures and trainings, so we want to inform our customers with available Technologies for their operation and needs.


ALBAT spol. s r.o., Slovensko

  • ACTIVITIES: producing, sale, installation, projection, service

ALBAT d.o.o. Sarajevo, Bosna and Hercegovina

  • ACTIVITIES: producing,sale, installation, service